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Josh Tam Mysteries G2 : Easter Island

Josh Tam sets out on a journey to investigate the mysteries at Easter Island and to search for the lost child of his client Mrs. Flores.But a mystic adventure full of puzzles and riddles await him and his gang! Use the mouse to play

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Dangerous Walk – Mystery Dungeon

Walk through the levels of the mystery Dungeon and find all the hidden objects to progress.rnrnProduct FeaturesrnrnMystery themed hidden object game!rnDifference game levels!rnChallenging and exciting game for the whole family!

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Detective Files 2

This time he searches inside the mansion for clues and begins to find that many of the doors are locked and that there may be more secrets behind this mansion than anyone had thought before.

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Seven Days Without Rain

A haunting game tracing the life and death of a hero. The hero gets an inheritance and begins to use his thieving skills to make the world a better place. rnrnThe game has seven levels, and each has a specific puzzle or skill task. Good luck, and prepare yourself for the mysterious end…

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