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Homemade Ice Cream

It’s a nice sunny day and everything is going great! You invited a couple of friends over for a pool party. All of them have a great time but now everyone is tired and in the mood for some ice cream. You check the fridge but you are all out of ice cream and everyone […]

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Ice Cream Cone Decoration

Summer is not over yet and we still have another month of sunny vacation days for us to enjoy. There are many places for you to discover and if this year you haven’t been at the beach or at the swimming pool there is still time for you to go in places like this. Also […]

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Summer Icecream

Are you in the mood for a delicious ice cream? My mouth is melting because I saw this chocolate ice cream in a magazine. The shops are all closed so I decided to give it a try and make the ice cream at home. I even have some toppings but I definitely use the chocolate […]

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Bubbles Bizarre

Bubbles Bizarre is an awesome physics based platformer. The player is supposed to travel across using the bubbles to collect food and other things in an awesome environment of ice. Very cutely designed to pull the players to play it repeatedly and makes the best game to recommend to friends and family. Happy playing!!!

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