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Galaxies Invaded: Chapter 2

Second part of my space shooter game.Game similar to Space Invaders/Star Defender. Fly in your great space ship and destroy thousands of insect enemies that threaten to entire universe.During game we getting money, and we can buy many upgrades and weapons for our ship. Features:6 Different LevelsGiant BossGreat Action18 different enemies (8 new)3D pre-render graphics […]

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Pimp My Ship

An extraordinary voyage around the world… and beyond! Avoid perilous enemies… or fight them head on! Collect wonderful treasures… and improve your airship!

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Player’s objective is to walk maximum distance with out going through any kind of collisions with any vehicles and people. More the distance the moon may shutter mystic stars, which by collecting will boost up the score. Any kind of collision will kill the player and end the game. A cute theme and novel presentation […]

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Red Driver 3

Travel from Japan to New York racing through the crowded streets. Try to beat all the objectives in each location. Use your driving skills and hit the nitro when you have a need for speed. Objectives include slalom, dodging explosives and much more. Complete each level on each stage on all three level difficulties to […]

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The platformer needs to move on to reach the flag to unlock to the new level. Meanwhile needs to stomp on the insects and their eggs(the red ones). The Platformer has got firing ability to shoot them even. Capturing the diamonds on the way makes the player score more points.

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