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Epic Fruit Harvesting

How to play: rnPress the left mouse button to start. Now move the mouse on identical adjacent FRUITS (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Select at least 3 characters. Release mouse button to let the match happen. rnrnChain Bonus: Make bigger chains to collect more fruits in single move! Upgrades: Invest money to fight with increasing challenges. […]

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Monster Farm

This is a game blended matching puzzle with tower defense which makes it more fun. Players needed to pick fruits that they already had to feed monsters in exchange for money and with money they can buy all kinds of fruits. Earn enough gold COINS within the prescribed period of time to pass a level. […]

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Junglekid Adventure

The player needs to help the jungle kid jump hills to collect the fruits and escaping from the threats. The jungle kid has only three chances where he can escape from the threats. Use keyboard arrow keys to move the jungle kid right and left and up arrow key to jump.

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Fufa Love Fruits

Fufa Love Fruits is an interesting 100 levels platform game. Hi all, I am Fufa and I am retired from army, my age is 90 years and I am still energetic like before, did you want to know how I feel like the same ? because I eat fruits and fruits gives us immunity for […]

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CONTROLS:rnrnrn- Cursor left/right or A/D keys: Move the falling fruits left/right.rnrnrn- Cursor up or W keys: Swap the falling fruits order.rnrnrn- Cursor down or S keys: Speed up the falling fruits.rnrnrn- Space bar: Activate the magic totem (when has at least one charged piece)rnrnrnGroup 3 or more fruits of the same kind for the Troglums […]

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Cocktail Decoration

When you host a cocktail party you have huge responsibility because the hardest part is the cocktail that you are going to serve. Until now your friends know that your cocktails are divine and you want to keep this impression for ever. Learn how to improve your decoration technique because with few tricks the glass […]

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Wild Forest Lunch

Here in the wild forest you can cook anything you want. For example, today you can make a delicious fruits lunch because we have plenty fruits in our forest. The place is amazing and the ambiance is divine. Take a look into our game and delight your eyes with the gorgeous view. Make a delicious […]

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The player has six different fruits when he need to arrange the five similar fruits in any of the way it may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Score increases when you crash the five similar fruits. Using the mouse right click you can move the fruits from one place another. Game ends when all the […]

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Tartufo Ice Cream

It is a new excellent cooking game where your task is to prepare the tasty tartufo ice cream for your family. Find the hidden ingredients on the shelves at the beginning of the game and see the tips for each level. You can play this game with your mouse. rn

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Shoot the different types of fruits with in a time and move the next levels.

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