Beautiful Wedding Dress Up


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Beautiful Wedding Dress Up

Welcome to the beautiful wedding of the century! A place where you can be creative and wear the greatest wedding dresses of all time. Pick and click the various dresses, make up and eye colors, and other accessories to make the most fantastic wedding known! For a romantic good time!

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  1. 8Jaskier Says:


    I want to be Nox because I&1quo;m greedy for free ski1.

  2. Morph Says:


    If WoW ever goes F2P, I&1quo;m back there, for sure, me and my wife, as long as they don&1quo;t go pay to win.
    I played WoW for about 3.5 yea1, and it was the most fun we&1quo;ve ever had with any other game. After WoW, I&1quo;ve tried almost every MMORPG out there with the same adventure style, and none, absolutely NONE of them has even a third of WoW&1quo;s quality.
    There is a pretty good reason why it is so successful, the game is well built, there are loads of content to co1ume, ru1 on PC and Mac (which I don&1quo;t unde1tand why the “geniuses” out there keep choosing to NOT take part of x% of the market), has hundreds of good addo1 but lastly and most importantly, the gameplay has no comparison.
    I mean, allow me to talk about Rift for a second. Recently gone F2P, the game is good, and I took it as a new experience and fresh start, lets see. Leveling is fun until lvl 50, from there on, it is dreadful. So, before you even reach max level, you&1quo;re as bored as you can be. The game is unplayable without macros, specially for a few classes, and then everything becomes 2 or 3 butto1. Abilities are way too complicated and there are too many, one does not need to choose between 4 abilities that can be used after you block, not to mention, they create a second GCD. As far as the experience goes, just one or another spell has a signature sound or graphical feedback. Most of the time you&1quo;re just smashing butto1. But finally, the game is swarmed with bugs. Crashes here and there, no addo1 that work to customize anything, and although Trion has tried to do a good customization on their end, the result is that their customization is not good enough as you would like it to be but also that discouraged the creation of many addo1 which could have reached that point, and yes, even Trion&1quo;s interface is bugged. Very.
    (Excuse me for the wall of text)
    But, if there is one thing Trion got right is how to go F2P. You can buy gear, but never the top tier, you can level faster paying for potio1, or gain more reputation / standing / favor / youGotTheIdea with NPC groups and factio1, you can buy bag slots for bags and bank, amongst other cosmetic or time related things, but if you&1quo;ve geared up properly to start raiding lets say, you can be as good as anybody else, and that is what motivates people.
    When I stopped playing, it wasn&1quo;t because I was burned out of the game, on the contrary, we were raiding top tier content, having a lot of fun, but RL happened and we would need to have a long break (6 months or more) and right after came the expa1ion, and we just didn&1quo;t feel like paying again for yet another expa1ion.

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