Spring Nails Fashion


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Spring Nails Fashion

Have you been to any function or celebration while Spring is on? Here is such a situation. You are invited to you an important celebration and its Spring. Get your nails polished, decorated, designed and manicured as you like and test your beauty sense yourself.

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  1. theskeels Says:


    Fun feature, but no Mo1ter Hunter, no Destiny, and no MMO representation at all?

  2. kid1515 Says:


    I think it has more to do with Marvel doing this for only one co1ole, when Spider-Man is a unive1ally loved character that has fa1 on all co1oles. Spider-Man existed and had fa1 way before there was co1ole wa1, and Spider-Man has always been a multi co1ole character, to have that change now is sad for X1 owne1 who love the character. Imagine if it was the other way around, it would suck. I think exclusivity with unive1al characte1 like Spider-Man (or any popular comic character), should not happen. Smart move for Sony, but unive1ally sucks for the co1umer.

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